Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sneaky Sound System - It's Not My Problem (Thin White Duke Remix)

Australian electro dance group Sneaky Sound System have been topping charts in their home country and are about to embark on their North American tour debut. Their 80s electropop sound is gradually turned towards electro house in this epic remix by the endlessly stunning talent of Stuart Price aka Thin White Duke.

Sneaky Sound System - It's Not My Problem
(Thin White Duke Remix)
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IFPI had the download links and this entire article removed, on behalf of a record label that does not own the copyrights to this song. The actual owner, Whack Recordings, has since informed me that this remix is OK to share, so this is a repost of the article and the download link is back online.

UPDATE: The IFPI has had this article removed again so, for fear of losing my Blogger account, I've omitted the download link this time.
The download link above will take you to an Elbows search for the song on other blogs. I must emphasize though, that Thin White Duke's remix of “It's Not My Problem” by Sneaky Sound System is cleared for bloggers to upload, according to Whack Recordings.
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The original version of “It's Not My Problem” is on the album 2, but the remix is not available to purchase.


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