Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Most Serene Republic - Heavens to Purgatory

Canadian indie rock band The Most Serene Republic have finished their third full-length and have offered us a delicious taste of it. “Heavens to Purgatory” begins with acoustic strumming and a compelling singer, quickly proceeding to indie clichés of ukelele, sweet female voice and handclaps—thank God for clichés and those who know how to use them properly.

These noisy indie pop-rocks show off their delights as the handclaps become crashes, the voices join together and the song ascends—I don't need to go any further when you can just listen to it for free below!

The album And the Ever Expanding Universe releases July 14 on Arts & Crafts.

The Most Serene Republic - Heavens to Purgatory
Download MP3 (YSI) or Listen on MySpace

The song is available for free from MSR's record label, Arts & Crafts. If you haven't heard them before and don't want to sign up for their mailing list yet, click my download link above.

The album will be available everywhere July 14 (or shortly thereafter) on CD, vinyl and digital download. The following shops are already offering pre-orders:
Amazon MP3 US | Amazon MP3 UK | Norman Records | Rough Trade


Anonymous said...

Wow, I used to hate this band, but this is awesome.

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