Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gossip - Heavy Cross

Three years since Gossip's breakthrough third album Standing in the Way of Control and the immortalization by Soulwax of its anthemic title track. Frontwoman Beth Ditto won NME's Coolest Person in Rock award that year and appeared nude on the cover of NME the following year (I apologise in advance of your Google Image Search).

Now that they have accomplished all that a trio of punks could hope for (tabloid fixtures and Soulwax remix?), they're back for more. Gossip's fourth album Music for Men releases June 22 and the massive lead single “Heavy Cross” is out now.

Beth's mighty voice roars over heavy drums and a frenzy of stabbing by the lead guitar. If you're new to Gossip, think Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but with a lead singer that could make a snack of the actual lead singer.

The single is superb but, yet again, Gossip are outshone by the remix—this time by 2009's most innovative remixer, Fred Falke.

Gossip - Heavy Cross
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Gossip - Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)
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This post was targeted by the IFPI for offering a download link of Gossip's “Heavy Cross”, despite the song having been posted on numerous other blogs, none of whom have received takedown orders, as far as I know.

I always honour such requests, but this one was sent to my blog host instead of to me, an action that was inappropriate and inconsiderate to both the writer (me) and the band (Gossip). My entire (favourable) review of Gossip's music was removed instead of just the download link. I am awaiting a response from Columbia/Sony as to whether the song is in fact cleared for blog writers to share. Columbia has informed me that the song was never cleared for blog writers to post, although I have yet to find out whether their PR company sent out the song or not.

In the meantime, I continue to encourage you to buy the song using the links below, or if you prefer to download and listen first, search The Hype Machine or Elbows for one of the dozens of other blogs hosting the song.

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