Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ghostcat - This Is a Bust

Born in Toronto, Ghostcat frontwoman Ali Cat grew up alongside the likes of Crystal Castles and Death from Above 1979. Taking some of that new rave and rock influence, she moved to London in 2006 and soon formed Ghostcat within the walls of an eight-bedroomed ‘aspiring art collective’.

Ghostcat's upcoming debut single “This Is a Bust” pumps a filthy beat under Cat's riotous, dominating vocals. Though “This Is a Bust” is a sweaty underground dancefloor track, Ghostcat certainly has potential to rock stadiums and clubs alike.

Ghostcat - This Is a Bust
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The single releases June 1 and their debut album is set for late 2009. Check Ghostcat on MySpace for updates.


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