Monday, May 18, 2009

Dakota - Can't Remember

Ben Talbot, frontman of Dakota, started the band after a painful break-up and an escape to the sea that inspired an album of 11 bittersweet songs. The first preview of the album is “Can't Remember”, a gorgeous powerpop ballad infused with an ethereal string section and spellbinding guitar riffs. Ben sings about a girl who, having grown old and lost all memory of her past love, finds herself alone. The bitter lyrics and graceful strings make this song engaging and unforgettable.

Dakota reminds me that the musical sourcepoint for nearly all powerpop began with The Beatles, The Kinks and The Who. There is a firm line between true powerpop and today's punk and crunk-influenced bands that call themselves powerpop.

Dakota's album Here, There and Everywhere releases in autumn and they are offering the first sneak peek, “Can't Remember” as a free download.

SOUNDS LIKE Starsailor, White Lies, Keane, The Kinks

Dakota - Can't Remember
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