Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cosmo Jarvis - Mel's Song

Cosmo Jarvis brings the dirty, drunken grime with his second EP, Chapter Two. The creativity doesn't stop there! The basement singer-songwriter/producer seemingly picks genres out of a sweaty hat—and then sings (and raps) about abuse, promiscuity, patricide and unrequited stalker-love.

The standout track of the EP is “Mel's Song”, a rosy guitar tune about Melanie and the foul, unkempt and misunderstood boy who wants nothing more than to spend the day with her (and maybe a shag). It's bubblegum folk-pop, but dirty bubblegum that's been kicked around on the ground awhile. It's funny, catchy and Radio 1 would champion it with slobbery infatuation, if it weren't for the censors.

Cosmo Jarvis - Mel's Song
Download MP3 (Alt Link) or Listen on MySpace

The Chapter Two EP releases sometime in May, most likely on iTunes. Check Cosmo Jarvis on MySpace for updates.


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