Friday, May 8, 2009

Absent Elk - Sun & Water

Absent Elk are a new UK rock band with a Norwegian frontman, Kjetil, whose displacement gave the band their name and their arresting sound. Upon first listen of their debut single “Sun & Water”, Absent Elk are English rock, but soon you begin to hear Kjetil's richly accented voice and the music begins to bring thoughts of towering forests and flickering sunlight, the roots of fairy tales and fantasy.

Sun & Water releases May 17 and the album is due this summer. No details on the formats of the single, but a 7-inch vinyl would be well fit for the song.

SOUNDS LIKE Starsailor, White Lies, Kizzy Star, Operahouse

Absent Elk - Sun & Water
Download MP3 (Alt Link) or watch the video below

I was hoping the band would have released details on the formats and the pre-ordering of the single, but they haven't yet. You can track Absent Elk by their website or their MySpace to find out where to buy Sun & Water.


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