Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SXSW: Rootbeer (Pigeon John & Flynn Adam)

Underground hip-hop superstars Pigeon John and Flynn Adam team up once again to bring us Rootbeer and a tasty debut The Pink Limousine EP, just released last week. The duo and the various projects they've been involved with have always been known for their playful beats, catchy melodies and entertaining raps. Rootbeer is all that plus a few shots of dance-friendly fizz and spice.

If you like: Josh Martinez, Blackalicious, Murs, Lyrics Born

Rootbeer - Under Control Download MP3 or Listen on MySpace

Rootbeer doesn't have a music video yet, so here's an 8 year-old L.A. Symphony video. Pigeon John mentions the Pink Limousine at the start of the song!

SXSW: Rootbeer performs Thursday and Saturday evening. Pigeon John also performs later Saturday night.

Buy the Pink Limousine EP:
Insound CD/MP3, worldwide
Access Hip Hop CD, worldwide
Amazon CD, worldwide
Amazon UK CD, worldwide
iTunes Worldwide
Amazon MP3 US only
Amazon MP3 UK only


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