Friday, March 27, 2009

Doing Time - I Was a Ye-Ye Girl

While mod culture and beat music were sweeping Britain in the early 1960s just before the British Invasion, their cuter and more colourful cousin yé-yé was making waves in France. Yé-yé music was the first music movement to be spearheaded by females, although Serge Gainsbourg was of course the omnipresent mastermind. The music and culture of yé-yé were distinguished by young women, kaleidoscopic fashions and indeed, charmingly addictive pop music.

Doing Time's first and only single in 2001 is a fantastic tribute, “I Was a Yé-Yé Girl”, that's even more seductive than most genuine yé-yé music.

If you like: The Beatles, Serge Gainsbourg, April March, Fatboy Slim

Doing Time - I Was a Yé-Yé Girl (feat. In-Grid) Download MP3 or Watch below on YouTube

The music video flawlessly reproduces the seductive essence of yé-yé.

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The CD single is out of print, but the following links will take you to a number of compilations that contain Doing Time's “I Was a Ye-Ye Girl”.

CD Universe CD, worldwide
Amazon CD, worldwide
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