Friday, March 13, 2009

SXSW: The Chicharones

Josh Martinez and Sleep are The Undeniably Fresh and Unquestionably Hot Chicharones. Self-proclaimed kings of cheap tequila, they combine addictive tunes and ridiculous raps with fake mustachios and high kicking Elvis dance moves. They're all you wish you could be, leading the lives of both rap stars and rock stars, drinking free beer and touring the world without ever having to ask a crowd to scream and throw their hands in the air. These crazy nutballs are one of the greatest acts I've ever seen live.

Their brand new EP Swine Country is out now on Camobear Records.

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The Chicharones - The Put Out Download MP3 or Listen on MySpace

Music video for another song by The Chicarones!

The Chicharones perform Saturday evening. Bring your mustachio.

Buy it:
Camobear Records MP3, worldwide
CD Universe CD, worldwide
Insound CD, worldwide
Amazon CD, worldwide
Amazon UK CD, worldwide


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