Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Numéro# - Angoisse, Paresse, Panique

Numéro# exposes the dark side of electropop and the sanguine side of new rave in their new album, Sport de Combat. At least three singles could be culled from this ingenious album, but the duo have not been lucky enough, so far, to generate sufficient buzz about their music. It's only a matter of time though.

If I had to name my favourite track on the album it would be “Angoisse, Paresse, Panique”. The vocals sweep from natural to synthetic and back again, throughout the song. The music is chromatic and harmonious, sounding more like the work of a master composer than a loop-hacking producer.

Another standout track, “Tout Est Parfait” was given a video to accompany and elevate the aural experience. It's artsy, pretentious and it manifests entirely in slow motion, but it's one of my favourite music videos ever, and it's perfect.

The album is out now on Saboteur Records.

Numéro# - Angoisse, Paresse, Panique
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Numéro# - Tout Est Parfait

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HΔS said...

They're goood. But I think "Arbandot" is their greatest track!

S.K. said...

"Arbandot" is one of my top 3 and is occasionally my favourite. It's tough to decide between those three tracks.

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