Thursday, July 2, 2009

Air France - GBG Belongs to Us

Gothenburg's dream pop duo Air France are back with “GBG Belongs to Us”, a track that's halfway between tropical pop and ethereal house. The new single is accompanied by its own vanity website entitled A Love Song in Three Parts, where the song is preceded by a Nordic travel guide (wtf?) and followed by half of a music video. Air France says:
“It may be slightly naïve, but I have to believe there's a way...for pop to demolish shopping centres... To everyone who's heart skips a beat at the sight of an intersection, feeling dizzy at the amount of routes available, and to everyone who believe that a city is not just a home, it's a lifelong companion.”
The music video is rumoured to feature shaky amateur footage of a violent rampage at the mall.

Air France - GBG Belongs to Us (feat. Roos)
Download MP3 (zshare) (YSI) or Listen on MySpace

GBG Belongs to Us Official site for the single, featuring a free download


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