Monday, July 13, 2009

Toby Emerson - Secret Life

While I am a freak for a good hook, I cannot stand gratuitous repetition. I love many genres of music, but when it comes to techno, house, trance and dance music, I take great care in skimming only the few most outstanding songs off the top.

Toby Emerson ranks among the highest order of producers, who can compose something so stunning that it can be repeated for 2 minutes straight, and further still, can twist and transform it through a 7-minute ascension to a rapturous climax. I discovered this last year with his singles “Rapture” and “Never Comin' Down”, favourites among club DJs but little known to the rest of us.

He has a considerable discography of singles released through a variety of underground labels. He released three singles this year in rapid succession and is currently working on his proper full-length debut, to be released in 2009/10 through Subversive Records UK.

Here is one of his three recent singles. “Secret Life” shows off Toby's extraordinary ability to feature driving guitar riffs in a dark, entrancing house track. The single is out now on Bugeyed Records.

Toby Emerson - Secret Life (feat. Dwizz)
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