Friday, July 10, 2009

Teddybears - Get Mama a House

Whether you've heard of the Swedish band Teddybears, you already know their song “Cobrastyle”. It has been featured in countless movies, movie trailers, TV shows and ads, yet somehow it never feels overused or overplayed.

Now, after three years of silence, Teddybears are back with a new song. Apparently this one began its life as a television ad jingle. “Get Mama a House” has a warm acid jazz vibe with a faint chip synth and monotone vocals, revisiting the last chapter of their career: “Mama, haven't you heard? We sold out all over the world!”

Teddybears are offering the new song free on their website, along with a couple remixes. A new song often means a new album, but no official news has been released yet. xfingersx.

Teddybears - Get Mama a House
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