Thursday, June 11, 2009

Y.A.S. - Get It Right (Felix Da Housecat's ATL Sia Mix)

Y.A.S. is a groundbreaking new duo, fusing the French electro of Mirwais Ahmadza├» with the Arabic vocal stylings of Yasmine Hamdan. As is the case with any Arabic music, it sounds strange and exotic to my Anglo-ears, and I love it. Felix Da Housecat's remix of “Get It Right” simply builds on the original, adding more grinding electrosynths and giving it more of a club feel.

Y.A.S's debut full-length is out now, but Universal has excluded the world outside of France from purchasing it. For the rest of the world, piracy is the only convenient option Universal has left us. I won't provide any such links, though regional restrictions provoke me like nothing else.

Y.A.S. - Get It Right
(Felix Da Housecat's ATL Sia Mix)
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