Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saviour Machine - A World Alone

I only write about songs that I love and my tastes reach far beyond popular blog fodder, so I often feature songs that are superlatives of fringe genres or are just exceptionally unique. So, instead of a warm summer tune for this Sunday afternoon, I have a song for you that utterly exemplifies a genre I have never covered.

It's not easy to bridge the gap between a regular, average music listener and an extreme genre like neoclassical symphonic metal. Saviour Machine's “A World Alone” is a dramatic composition that, despite the deviant genre, breaks down to a magnificently orchestrated tale of a present-day apocalypse. The elements of the song are minimal but you won't notice it behind the blinding intensity and the immense voice foretelling an epic tragedy.

Saviour Machine - A World Alone
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The physical album is out of print but digital downloads are available.


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