Saturday, June 27, 2009

O. Children - Dead Disco Dancer

Last February, O. Children played a stunning showcase attended by Deadly People, who signed them the next day. Their upcoming single “Dead Disco Dancer” is a haunting, resonant song laden with acidic guitars and deep, heavy vocals.

O. Children's sound is dominated by their singer, who is gifted with an incomparable baritone voice. The instrumentation is dark, murky and post-psychedelic. The band takes their name from a Nick Cave song, but even a comparison to the legendary musician can scarcely depict the transcendant sound of O. Children.

The single releases in July on Deadly People. Here is the music video, but click the link below to see it in HD.

O. Children - Dead Disco Dancer (Watch in HD)


Jamie said...

This song kills.
My favourite of the year so far.

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