Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SK & Friends: Summer Beach Party Mix

Photo by Kyle Kruchok
Silence Killer is proud to present a brand-new feature series, SK & Friends, where we round up a themed selection of music recommendations from our friends and our favourite bloggers, artists and DJs. This round we asked each participant to recommend an interesting song they would like to hear on a late summer afternoon at a beach party. Summer is only weeks away, so sit back and relax while we cure your spring fever!

Get the whole mix or pick the tracks you want below!

Hey Champ - Anything At All (electropop)
Selected by Midas from Pigeons & Planes

Sunlounger - Breaking Waves (Downtempo Version) (chillout)
Selected by DJ Llama

The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin' (60s pop)
Well, I did tell PJ to pick a song “that people might not know”. I guess there might be one or two people that don't know it!
Selected by Pigeon John

YACHT - Dystopia (experimental indie pop)
“This lead single off of YACHT new album was released by the band for free online a few months ago & ever since it has been on my iPod. It paints a dark image of the end of humanity & earth but damn is it a catchy song.”
Selected by Robert from SCENEINTHEDARK

Team Me - Dear Sister (indie)
“Norwegian indie pop band comes out with this joyful track with plenty of different sounds and melodies to keep your friends in a cheery mood.”
Selected by Armin from The Lost Boys

Rusko - Everyday (Netsky Remix) (drum & bass/dubstep)
“If this one doesn't get you up and out of your seat then nothing will! A perfect mix of drum & bass and dubstep, and a summer party starter for sure.”
Selected by Constant Gardner from Pigeons & Planes

Washed Out - Feel It All Around (chillwave)
“Something about that track just does it for me. It has such a warm, comforting vibe to it. Almost like the aural version of a warm ocean breeze. The kind you want to feel on your face and shoulders as you kill beers with friends and watch the sunset over the water.”
Selected by Monster from Pigeons & Planes

Foster the People - Houdini (RAC Remix) (disco house)
“A mix people must hear. Perfect always, in any situation! Especially during a lovely sun painted afternoon!”
Selected by Scott from The Burning Ear

Koop - Koop Island Blues (acid jazz)
Frankmusik told me “anything by Koop”, so this is the definitive choice.
Selected by Frankmusik

Icona Pop - Manners (electropop)
“I heard this Swedish pop gem months ago, but I immediately thought 'This will be my Summer 2011 jam' so I listened to it sparingly, like when you know you only have a little bit of salt left, and you want to make sure you have enough for your famous salty sea bass recipe. Whoop, finally time to break out the salty sea bass! Salty sea bass party 2011 fuck yeah.”
Selected by Confusion from Pigeons & Planes

Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground (Nellee Hooper's Edit) (trip-hop)
Little Boots told me “90s chill out compilations”, so here's one of the first big 90s chillout hits, a remix taken from the first volume of Ministry of Sound's massively popular Chillout Sessions series.
Selected by Little Boots and Justin from Silence Killer

Houses - Soak It Up (chillwave)
“...perfect for an early summer evening. The track "Soak It Up" has that dreamy, downtempo feel—transporting you to sandy beaches and warm, restful rains. Houses' music is tropical and airy, perfect mood music to have playing in the background as you watch the sunset on the beach.”
Selected by Hannah from Indie Shuffle

Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (RAC Remix) (disco house)
Amazingly, this track was selected twice, from two separate music bloggers. Blas from The Music Ninja says, “Although subtle, the added layer of synthesized melodies and playful basslines can be compared to the freshly cut lime sitting at the neck of a cold Corona...” and Nick from SKMB says, “It turns a fun little indie song...into a chill & groovy track oh so worthy of a sandy feet dance party under the setting sun.”
Selected by Blas from The Music Ninja and Nick from SKMB

Iron Solomon - Spring Fever (feat. Gordon Voidwell) (hip-hop)
“Another great hip-hop track. Funky, soulful and a killer hook—‘Days getting longer, skirts getting shorter, shorties outside cuz the weather getting warmer!’ Gordon Voidwell is unstoppable.”
Selected by Justin from Silence Killer

Panda Bear - Surfer's Hymn (freak folk/experimental)
“Panda Bear, solo moniker of musical genius Noah Lennox (one of the dudes from Animal Collective)...the Brian Wilson-esque vocals of Lennox dance hypnotically overtop a wall of sound, ocean waves crashing, looping layers of percussion, voices and effects that reach to warp your mind to previously uninhabited places.”
Selected by Michael from SCENEINTHEDARK

Metronomy - The Bay (Mathematikal Remix) (disco house)
“Metronomy's next single, and one of our favourites off the new album, ‘The Bay’ as remixed by Mathematikal. Mostly because it's pretty much the original edit with a bit of extra flavor. Beach THAT!”
Selected by Christel and Raphael from IM // UR

Pigeon John - The Last Sunshine (Starring RJD2 & J-Live) (hip-hop)
“Hip-hop isn't the first genre you would go to for warm summer tunes, but there are definitely some gems. Sit back and reminisce with Pigeon John and J-Live on one of the greatest summer hip-hop songs ever recorded.”
Selected by Justin from Silence Killer

Holy Ghost! - Wait & See (Flight Facilities Remix) (disco house)
Great remix of Holy Ghost!'s first single off their newest album. It's a great midtempo track to keep heads nodding and feet tapping.
Selected by Armin from The Lost Boys


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