Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ghostbird - Ghostbird EP [Review]

Ghostbird is a new rock band from San Diego. Their genres of choice on MySpace are 2-step, Dutch pop and glam, none of which seem fitting for a new SoCal indie rock band, but those descriptions are, in fact, fairly accurate. The drum beat is a bit unusual, which is what 2-step is known for, and their style does have a touch of glam. Dutch pop, like Scandinavian pop, has a rustic, enchanting feel to it, as does Ghostbird.

The Ghostbird EP begins with “Toy Soldier”, an indie pop tune that reminisces upon a time when war was make-believe and battles were fought between plastic figurines. This song is obviously made to be a single, although it's a lot more pop than the rest of the EP.

My favourite track is “Night Kills Day”, a swaggering ballad that gives glimpses into an affair of love and deception. The song begins under the guise of a common indie rock ballad, even to the end of the first listen, but unexpectedly blooms after a few minutes of listening. The 7-track EP contains a few more gems, but I don't want to spoil them all track-by-track this time.

An EP usually has a different feel than an album, sometimes with a more direct theme, or the raw sound of a new band making its debut, or a well-established band branching off briefly in a new direction. Ghostbird's debut EP sounds more like an album than an EP, well-polished and brimming with memorable rock songs. Their style does not diverge far from that of the biggest indie and alternative rock bands of recent years, but that's not so important when their music is simply better than most of those bands.

The Ghostbird EP is out now on CD and iTunes.


Ghostbird - Night Kills Day
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Ghostbird - Toy Soldiers (HD)

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