Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Planet Funk - Lemonade

Italian house group Planet Funk have given us a refreshing beverage to cool our already flourishing sweaty summer playlist. “Lemonade” drips sweet funk all over an icy beat that is as addictive as the song's namesake.

The track is from their new greatest hits album, released last month. However, it already appears that it may be out of print, as it's no longer available at any popular online shops, so here are the original version and the remix by the world-famous Benny Benassi.

Planet Funk - Lemonade Download MP3
Planet Funk - Lemonade (Benny Benassi Edit) Download MP3
and watch both versions below!

Music video for “Lemonade”

Music video for “Lemonade (Benny Benassi Edit)”

CD Universe CD, worldwide, currently backordered
Amazon CD, worldwide, currently backordered
The song is not available for digital download


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