Thursday, February 26, 2009

Josh Martinez - Going Back to Hali

Josh Martinez latest album The World Famous Sex Buffet is glamorously dirty. The beats have more one-two punch than usual, but all is complete with his signature methodical madness and charming sarcasm.

Skratch Bastid devises a hard-hitting old school beat for “Going Back to Hali” that starts with Josh's trademark skin trumpet and is saturated with Bastid's killer scratches. Josh and Classified play off each other flawlessly, despite their usually opposite M.O.'s.

The music video, like the song, is a brilliant Canadian twist on old school homage.

Josh Martinez - Going Back to Hali (feat. Classified & Skratch Bastid) Download MP3 or Listen on MySpace

Download more free Josh Martinez tracks from his Official Internet. There's another sexy video too.

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